EKSIR AS- 30 FE Anti-static


In most textile processes, fibers and fabrics move at high speeds over different surfaces, which can generate electrostatic charging from frictional forces. This electrical charge causes fibers to repel each other and create an electric ignition. The charge accumulation causes dust absorption, electrostatic adherence of garments, and many other problems in this industry.

Eksir AS- 30FE

EKSIR AS- 30 FE Anti-static is a combination of natural oils, surface-active agents, and special additives. This material is placed on the surface of the fibers, absorbing moisture and creating a molecular layer, it causes static electricity transfer.

Eksir AS- 30FE

This product is used to produce polyester fibers, pads, carpets, etc. It boosts product quality and safety by preventing the accumulation of electrical charge.


Eksir AS- 30FE

This product can be stored closed at the indoor room temperature for at least one year.


Eksir AS- 30FE

It is packaged and supplied in standard 60-liter and 220-liter metal barrels

 Product features

  • Low volatility
  • Thermal stability
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Low foaming rate
  • Stability in alkaline and acidic environments
  • Easy rinsing with water


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