Using fluids and lubricants in the grinding process is of great importance due to the reduction of friction, heat transfer capability, and chip removal from the operating parts. The right fluid can remove the chips from the operation parts without damaging the surface and the device.

EKSIR go-450

Grinding oil has high thermal stability and oxidation without staining and corrosion.

EKSIR go-450

Highly lubricated grinding oil is very appropriate for high-speed and -precision processes. This oil is used for grinding parts such as gears, threads, etc.



This product can be stored closed at the indoor room temperature for at least one year.



EKSIR go-450

It is packaged and supplied in standard 208 liter metal barrels.

 Product features

  • High lubrication with anti-weld properties
  • Reducing the operating temperature
  • Chemical stability and long lifespan
  • High filterability
  • No steam in the ambience

Metal industry oil

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