Rubber process oils are used during the mixing of rubber compounds. Rubbers can be integrated into various items such as toys, air vehicles, etc. Process oil is used as a filler along with to improve the elastic properties of rubber. It shrinks the cost and mechanical properties of rubber parts.

 HYPER R-840

It is an oil with a paraffin base which is one of the main raw materials in the rubber process and rubber products. Having the filling property, it plays a major role in improving and modifying the tensile properties of rubber parts.


This product can be used at low temperatures due to its suitable viscosity and miscibility with the components of the rubber-production process.

This type of oil is used as process oil in rubber manufacturing processes and other plastics. This material is compatible with components of rubber and rubber products and improves and accelerates the mechanical properties of the rubber manufacturing process.


محصول HYPER R-840

It can be stored and consumed for one year at normal temperature in indoor areas.


  Product HYPERR-840

It is packaged and supplied in standard 208-liter metal barrels. It can also be supplied in bulk to meet our customer’s need.

 Product features

  • Suitable aniline point
  • Very low volatility
  • Excellent miscibility with rubber
  • Very low sulfur content (permitted)


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