Assembly lubricants are used in the processes of rubber and plastic parts installation. These materials reduce the force required to insert the parts. The lubricant dries after the process and the parts return to their primary state.


This lubricant is based on natural and biodegradable soaps. It can be used in processes where using petroleum-based materials is not desirable.


It can be used for rubber and plastic parts assembly and installation, rubber lubrication, and assembly of engine parts, rims, and car equipment such as bumpers.



این محصول در محل سر پوشیده به صورت درب بسته، دردمای معمولی حداقل به مدت یکسال قابل نگهداری می باشد .



It is packaged and supplied in standard 10- and 20-liter polyethylene containers and 220-liter barrels.

 Product features

  • The best placement of parts
  • Reducing the force required for installation
  • Reducing damage to personnel
  • Biodegradable
  • Production speed Increase

Format and Assembly

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