Electroplating or quenching oils are designed to control the cooling rate of steel or other metals. These oils have two main functions. The first function is to control the cooling process and amend the metal hardness, and the second one is to increase the wettability of steel, resulting in a diminishing thermal gradient and cracking decrease.


It is formulated with quality mineral oils and special additives, which have high thermal stability and oxidation.

This oil has desirable wetting properties that affect the quality of the final product.

Heat-transfer oils can be used in processes requiring cooling rate control of the metal for appropriate hardness.



This product can be stored closed at the indoor room temperature for at least one year.




It is packaged and supplied in standard 208-liter metal barrels.

 Product features

  • High thermal stability and oxidation
  • Non-toxic and anti-corrosion
  • High boiling point
  • Low evaporation and consumption rate
  • High flash point and ignition temperature

Metal industry oil

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